Woman sues psychiatrist Richard T. Adamson for sex, emotional injury

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A Seattle psychiatrist accused by the state of having sex with two patients has been sued by one of his patients, who said his actions caused her “severe psychological and emotional injury.”

Last week, the state’s Medical Quality Assurance Commission suspended the license of Richard T. Adamson, after accusing him of having sex with two female patients and disclosing the contents of their therapy sessions to other patients.

Much of the woman’s lawsuit, filed Monday in King County Superior Court, echoes the state’s accusations. Adamson had treated her for depression for about five years, beginning in 2004, during which time she revealed she had been sexually abused by her father, the state said.

According to the complaint, Adamson and the woman attended a conference in 2008, during which he kissed the woman. They then began sexual relationship, while he continued their sessions as her psychiatrist, and she left her husband, the state said.

But Adamson ended the relationship by telling her he was obsessed with a younger woman with whom he had phone sex. State medical authorities called the break-up “abusive.”

“Given Patient A’s history of sexual abuse from her father, this communication was abusive and potentially harmful to Patient A,” they said in state administrative charging documents.

The complaint said Adamson’s “negligence and breach of fiduciary duty” caused the woman  “severe psychological and emotional injury,” including pain and suffering, lost wages and impaired earning capacity.

Adamson did not immediately return calls for comment Thursday.

Source: Vanessa Ho, “Woman sues Seattle psychiatrist accused of sex with patients,” Seattle Post Intelligencer, April 7, 2011.


Psychiatrist Myron D. Brenner loses license in Pennsylvania; gave up Maryland license in ’08 for long-term sex relations with patient

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On November 23, 2010, the Pennsylvania Department of State Medical Board accepted the permanent voluntary surrender of psychiatrist Myron David Brenner’s license because his license was disciplined by the proper licensing authority of another state and he failed to report this action within 60 days after its occurrence.

This action makes reference action taken against Brenner in the state of Maryland.  Specifically, on October 22, 2008, the Maryland Board of Physicians accepted the surrender of Brenner’s license “to avoid disciplinary charges and the prosecution of the charges based on his unprofessional and sexual relationship with a female patient while under his care as her treating psychiatrist.”

“…during my treatment of this patient, I maintained a personal diary concerning our interactions during treatment sessions and our sexual relationship.”

A letter of surrender from Dr. Brenner to the Board states that he carried on the sexual relationship “for about four years” with the patient; that he engaged in self-disclosure with the patient (informing her about issues in his personal life); received monetary gifts and loans from the patient and also gave the patient gifts.

Lastly, he stated that, “…during my treatment of this patient, I maintained a personal diary concerning our interactions during treatment sessions and our sexual relationship.”

He may not apply for nor seek reinstatement of his medical license for five years.

Source: January 2011 Disciplinary Actions report, Pennsylvania Department of State and Letter from Myron D. Brenner, M.D. to Robert G. Hennessy, M.D., M.B.A., Chairman of the Maryland Board of Physicians, Re: Surrender of License to Practice Medicine, as posted on the website of the Maryland Board of Physicians.

Psychiatrist Charles D. Morgan referred patient for electroshock then engaged in sexual contact afterward; loses license

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On January 19, 2011, the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board accepted the surrender of psychiatrist Charles D. Morgan’s license to practice medicine for unprofessional conduct.

According the Board’s Order, Morgan provided treatment to a female patient for approximately two years, ending in late June 2008.  Approximately one week earlier, Morgan admitted the patient to the behavioral health unit of Mercy Medical Center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin for electroconvulsive therapy (“electroshock”) and while she was hospitalized, Morgan kissed her romantically.

Following her discharge a week later, Morgan told the patient he wanted to talk with her at his office, which was also in the Medical Center.  While she was in his office, he engaged in sexual contact with her “which resulted in his orgasm,” according to the Order.

Morgan left a message on the patient’s cell phone the next day that what had occurred in his office needed to stay confidential or he could lose his license.

The patient reported the incident to her counselor and Oshkosh Police.

While she was in his office, he engaged in sexual contact with her “which resulted in his orgasm,” according to the Order.

In his interview with police, Morgan stated that the patient was “the aggressor and a predator.  She came on to him and wanted him to have sexual contact with her and he finally gave in.”  The police investigation resulted in charges of Sexual Exploitation by a Therapist, of which Morgan was convicted in Winnebago County Circuit Court on December 18, 2008.  He was sentenced March 19, 2009 to six years probation and nine months jail time.

Other terms of his sentence included prohibition against practicing psychology or psychiatry or counseling people in vulnerable positions or employment that would permit him to have authority over vulnerable people.  He must also register as a sex offender.

Source: Final Decision and Order LS 0808206 MED, in the Matter of the Disciplinary Proceedings Against Charles D. Morgan, M.D., Division of Enforcement Case # 08 MED 207, State of Wisconsin Medical Examining Board.

Story used with permission of Citizens Commission on Human Rights International.